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Lisa Backalenick
Lisa Backalenick (fiddle, rubboard and vocals) grew up in Connecticut, where she studied music since childhood. While living in San Francisco in the 1980's, she heard Cajun music for the first time, and instantly fell in love with it. She played with the Cajun bands Bayou Midnight and Jolies Belles de Bayou in the Northeast before moving to Atlanta in 1992 and joining ASO. A seasoned veteran of music camps such as the Augusta Heritage Center, Lisa studied with "Mr. Dewey" Balfa and others at Augusta and in Louisiana.
Larry Enlow

Larry Enlow (accordian, vocals, percussion, and mandolin) has loved the world of folk music and dance since he discovered it in the 1980's. He also plays a little bass, hammered dulcimer, guitar and enjoys entertaining with irreverent songs when he's not playing in a Cajun or contra dance band. He plays a Martin accordion (Scott, Louisiana).  

Maureen Kilroy (guitar and vocals) was in an old timey contra dance band from Atlanta called "Nobody's Business" when she was introduced to playing Cajun music. She immediately fell in love with the music and dancing and and especially loves singing the beautiful, sad Cajun French waltzes.

Maureen Kilroy
Doug Landsberg
Doug Landsberg (drums) has been playing the drums since he was seven and has played professionally most of his life. Doug was introduced to playing Cajun music with another Atlanta band, Hair of the Dog and became a founding member of ASO. Doug has played with a variety of bands including Bruce Hampton, Glenn Phillips, Balfa Toujours, Hair of the Dog, and Australian blues guitarist, Geoff Atchinson.