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Stories About You



This part of our website gives a little background information about us, Michael and we met, how we play music together, and our life together.

We met while working together in a retail environment in the spring of 1999. We became friends initially because of a shared interest in music, and for a long time, we talked about "getting together" to play music. Finally, after several months of talking about it, we did get together, and that meeting was the start of a musical and romantic relationship.

We began writing music together almost immediately. Lindsay would often start with simple guitar chords and lyrics, and Michael elaborated on both guitar and bass. Many of the songs from our album were developed this way.

The name for our two-man band came from these practice sessions during the winter of 1999. Michael lived in a townhouse, and despite our efforts to be as quiet as possible, his next-door neighbor complained to us very often. One night, he knocked on the door, and told us it was extremely loud and bass-y, "like Nine Inch Nails." We didn't even have the guitars turned on; Lindsay was strumming unplugged! After he left, Lindsay exclaimed, "What we need is a house without neighbors!" And the phrase stuck.

The idea stuck as well. In early spring of 2000, we moved into a house together with plans to get married soon. We now practice in peace all hours of the night...even drums.

We were married in a private ceremony (okay, well, the two of us and a minister at the Hamilton County Courthouse) on April 28, 2000 at about 1:30 pm. It was elaborate plans, no hassle. We released our debut album, Stories About You independently this fall. To find out more about the album and how you can get a copy of it or download the songs, CLICK HERE.