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Hello, and Welcome to the "Official" High Society page. You are number to join the insanity. Thank you for your support and often odd remarks... they are really appreciated. Well some updated news... we have recently changed names, and websites. We discovered another band with the name "Blind Sight" and so we decided to avoid legal trouble, and change our name. We are sooo excited about this new name, and hope it brings good luck. Once again we would all like to thank our fans for their support as our sucess would not be possible without you...thanks again guys (and girls) YOU ROCK!
High Society

What and Who We Are and Are Not....

Who was the best guitarist of all time?
1. Eric Clapton
2. Jimmi Hendrix
3. Eddie Van Halen
4. Jimmy Page
5. Stevie Ray Vaughn
6. Other

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