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Last updated: September 15, 2003

**The stories here in the Slash section are NC-17. That means, if you are not yet 18 years of age, this section is off limits. Slashfics depict same sex romantic relationships. If this bothers you or you are not of age, please head back to Majel's Hompage. Thank you.** 

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Majel's Notes

Thanks everybody, for all the kind words of condolence for the Compaq. :) They were much appreciated. 

On to business... School started. Could ya tell? <eg> Got a partial update tonight... there are a few more fics to be fished for, formatted and uploaded and I'll be on that like needles on a cactus. Rest assured. 

Also, welcome to all the new folks who have asked to be added to the Update Notification list. Ah, the warm fuzzies... <g> 

ALSO... want to try something new, and you guys all have to let me know if you like, don't like, how does it work... yadda yadda... experimenting with frames. :) To check out my test frames-page, click over to Frames Test Page. I very much value your input. <g> 

Okay... think that's it. 

P.S. I respond to nagging. Just so you know... 

Thank you, 

                love, Majel 

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