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In Loving Memory of Faith

This site is dedicated to Faith's father and mother, Wayne and Sandy, her sister and nephew, Marla and Spencre, and her daughter Amanda. It is my hope that these pages will in some small  measure, bring comfort, hope and peace.
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Faith's soul touched all who knew her. She was a rare jewel; a unique individual whose time here was never easy. Everyday was an uphill battle. She faced it, ever the soldier. Faith was the epitome of courage and true to her name............................................Faith. 
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We all need a teacher, for me it was Faith. I learned so much from her, determination, courage, unconditional love, unending compassion for all and of course Faith. I am so grateful to Faith for teaching me and lending me her gifts, even though it was for too short a time. I do regret I did not have the opportunity to tell her what an impact she made on my life.

For many the passing of a loved one brings questions,"Why?". Perhaps even more so in Faith's case. Her death was so sudden and unexpected leaving all stunned and in disbelief. It is easy for us to question at times like these, but as each day has passed the fog begins to lift just a bit, and it is a little clearer that we are all God's children, only sent here on loan until he calls us home once again. It is clear that Faith is free now. Free from hurt, confusion and that daily uphill battle.
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Faith did leave a tremendous void in all our lives, but possibly the most for her daughter Amanda. Though she may not be visible, she is very much still here. In the soft breeze that touches your skin on a still day, the sun that warms your face on a crisp, clear winter morning, she is the first blossom of spring,the butterfly that you see on the window. She is in her sister's laugh, her daughter's face and the hearts of all who loved her.
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Sometimes the poorest person leaves the richest inheritance. We have the one thing that even death can not take away..........our memories. Faith has gone on to her reward, but a sense of her presence will be with us for all eternity.


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  June 13, 2003

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