Okay, Guys. These are for everybody. If you see a challenge you'd like to take on, go for it!

If you do choose to accept one of these challenges, please be sure go give your challenger some credit in your fic. Also, please feel free to submit your challenge response to be posted here, as well as on your favorite archive, so we can give your challenger a chance to see the outcome!

#6.    Write about the childrenhood of jack. and a dark secret that happened to him in these years.

        Submitted anonymously.


#5.    I'd like to see a storyline with Daniel getting kidnapped by slave traders & have them teaching him all that he has to know to survive. I want Jack to be the one to help him out but not till he already has been attacked, etc. by one of his masters. Jack has to help Daniel get over his attack & through his whole ordeal. Try to show how close a relationship Jack & Daniel have (like father & son, or big brother/little brother). I think you get the picture. Show Jack getting really emotional over Daniel being missing & when he finally realizes what Daniel has become & what he has gone through, show Jack going ballistic on everyone. Thanks! 

        Submitted by Debbie, e-mail to 


#4. (Also Challenge #1754 on Heliopolis)

SG-1 gates to a planet they are several miles from the gate when a storm hits, you can decide what kind of storm, rain snow etc. Somehow Daniel gets injured a knock on the head, he's knocked out for a while as the rest of the team finds shelter. When he wakes up he can't remember anything, who he is or where they are or how they got there. As the rest of the team try to explain everything to Daniel, he starts to think he's been kidnapped or something and tries to escape. You can have him get away once, but Jack has to be the one to find him and convince him to return with him through the Stargate. (Or you can have Daniel run into some Jaffa and he gets kidnapped and SG-1 has to rescue him) and then--

They come home and Daniel starts to remember when his parents and wife died. He has flashes of the dream he had in Absolute Power and thinks he had something to do with what happened to them in other words he thinks he's a bad guy. He makes it out of the SGC on his own and tries to retrace his past. Jack finds him and agrees to help him find out more information about his parents. Jack also finds out about how Daniel had a rough life before joining the SGC. You can use his parents death, living with abusive foster parents etc. Have Carter and Teal'c join in at some point.

I want Jack to be the one to help him realize that what he's remembering is not true (but not at first Daniel pretends to remember and puts on an act, but in the end Jack notices that something is not right). You can pick the ending but, I want a happy one. I also don't want anyone to die in the story. I like long stories with a lot of detail and a lot of interaction between SG-1. Must be before Season 5.   Thanks.

        Submitted by Pam, e-mail to 


#3.  Well, as my Old Debts series is coming to a close, I have been asking myself about writing an epilogue. I've never done one before and... well, anyone else could probably do a better job than me, that and I'd really like to see another author's take on my story. So I give it to you guys... If anyone is interested in writing an epilogue for my series once it's finished, I would be more than amenable to the idea.

        Submitted by MajelB, e-mail to 

        Responses:    Resistant to Change, by Devra


#2.  I find Teal'c very difficult to write in fanfic and lately I've found myself failing to include him in my stories at all. So, my   challenge is for a story in which Teal'c has a significant part to play - not to the exclusion of the other characters, but just make him obviously present and important in some way.

        Submitted by aloysious, e-mail to 

        Responses:    Climbing the Summit, by Devra


#1. Allow me to get the ball rolling... I love to see A/A fic where Sam saves the day! 

        Submitted by MajelB, e-mail to 

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