Newest Additions


Monsters Under the Bed, by MajelB

Rating: PG

Summary: Getting over it isn't as easy as Sam thought it would be. Tag for 'Desperate Measures.'

For What It's Worth, By MajelB

Rating: G

Summary: Sam's logic finally kicks in. Tag for 'Ascension.'

Another Sleepless Night, by MajelB

Rating: G

Summary: Teal'c, learning how to do something he's never actually done before. 

Reconnection, by Kiva    

Rating: G

Summary: Daniel meets up with an old acquaintance.

Every Little Detail, by Kiva  

Rating: G

Summary: It's been months since his descension, and Daniel has finally remembered everything. Except the one thing niggling at the back of his mind...what is it?

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