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~As I know you~

You are a friend indeed
You always make me
 smile and laugh
My soul you always feed.

The days when I am feeling
sorry for myself
I think the pain's too bad to bear
That nothing's going to help...

And then I go into a room
with friends I can not see
and soon there's gumbalina
filling hearts of those in need.

Gumby, as I know you,
you are that mustard seed.
that plants itself into one's soul
Your faith is plain to see.

I am glad I got to know you,
God sent you as a friend...
And with my faith in Jesus,
I know that friendship
will never end.

Please don't shed tears for Sandi
She's right there by your side
I'm sorry I didn't know her
But your love is now inside.
There are those who've 
known you longer 
There are those you see each day
But, believe me when I tell you
My prayers do go your way. 

You are my friend forever
You can put me on your list
Of all of those who love you
You'll be exstremely missed.
I am not afraid to talk about
the end of this life here
I know the next one is better 
So with that please have no fear.
Caybay ( Lori ) 
Author: Lori Swenson
Forever rose for my
forever friend,

~ 02/18/02 ~
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