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 author & design by:
~ charlene ~ gumbalina ~
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My Angels
My dear sweet roomies,
Why are we so quick to weap?
We'll always be together...
when we can not sleep!
The good Lord gave us
something special,
Something new
that we could do.
Instead of waisting
all of our time...
Wishing our
bodies were new!
I hurt so bad,
 both day and night.
But what on earth could I do?
I needed someone to understand...
A strong shoulder, a sweet smile...
and that was you!
I think you also needed somebody,
With your troubles to share...
Who knows your pain 
& how you feel...
And just to fellowship...
and to care!
How I had missed my old congregation
When to church, I could
no longer go.
How can I work for my Lord now?
I cried.. I prayed... 
I needed to know!
When the pain got so hard to bare
I asked my Lord, what I could do...
He gave me a new computer...
And said to do His work, for you!
Now I have a new congregation,
And my own church
that I can go to...
A church is God's People, so...
Fellowship in a cyber room
that's what we can do!
So when my computer crashes
And the room disappears 
one night from view,
All I needed was
 a little pinch of faith...
To be lead right back to you.
For us, our Lord, He did this all...
Comfort & peace in Him abide.
No longer alone in saddness & pain
But with love & laughter,
and you... by my side!
Our spirits do bare wittness
with each other,
Across & over the many,
many miles.
Though words are what
we see with our eyes...
With our spirits & hearts,
we see the smiles!
Now I sat down here to write,
 Another opening letter,
for our prayer line....
The words began to flow
right on to my screen,
Unexspected... but I think
that was just fine!
The Lord has put it in my heart
To tell you all a story so true, 
A testimony, of how I was
lead to find,
Unfolded arms in hugs,
all of you! 
By: ~ charlene kibbey maynard ~ ©
written for all my internet friends
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by: ~ charlene kibbey maynard ~ ©
copyright April 9, 2002 © all rights reserved!

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