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Updated 02/05/04 If you been here before you might have to refresh page, as I add new things.
Always under construction!!!

Welcome...My name is Angie, I'm 38, Divorced and I live in N.W. Pennsylvania where I raised my two daughters, Candie 17 and Nikki 18. For fun I enjoy watching sports anywhere from Womens softball (which I played for 13 years) to the great NFL! I also enjoy riding Harleys, Snowmobiles, and Wheelers with my friends. I also enjoy cooking, but not the clean up (I'm a messy cook). Thanks for comming come back again sometime, never know when I've added something.

Yes....These are my real eyes!

Here are some pic's from my vacation to "Biketoberfest" in Daytona, Florida from Oct. 16th. thru the 20th. 2003! Did not want to come back to COLD ole PA!
Do I have to go back home?

Howabout I just lean here for awhile...and you kinda "forget" to take me back!?!

LOOK at the size of this leaf!! Wouldn't wanna rake these out of the lawn.

Thought I told you to leave me here!??! Why you keep following me....

World famous "Boothill Saloon" fun place, go there some time...They have bras and thongs hangin from the rafters of past visitors...but not mine!
Yes Mom, its a beer bottle in my hand, but was the only one I had...honest! ; )


Happy Valentine's Day

More pic's

In memory of Grandmother

Tribute to my Brother

My Job

Candies Home Page (my daughter)
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