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 Arizona Live 2011
A Formal Farewell


          Kick AZ Live; Minis 2 the Max! 

               April 23 & 24th, 2011

Two great shows, one great weekend!"


Show Coordinator:  Teresa Candelaria
8885 W. Thunderbird Road, #2074,
Peoria, AZ  85381
602-391-8379 (no collect calls please)

(Open to any size models!)
Show Date:  Saturday, April 23rd
Set up: 7:15 a.m.
Judging: 8 a.m.
Location:  The Inn at Pima
7330 N. Pima Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85258

   Kick AZ Live: MINIS 2 THE MAX
Pebbles, stablemates, chips, paddock pals)
Show Date:  Sunday, April 24th

Set up: 8 a.m.
Judging: 9 a.m.
Location:  The Inn at Pima
7330 N. Pima Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85258

Judges & Volunteers Needed!

Donations of horse related items are ALWAYS gratefully accepted.  (Here's a preview of one of the donations to AZLive.)
  There will be an auction held during lunch on both days.   All pieces will be auctioned off at the show.  I believe that those attending my shows should receive the benefit of going home with something special.  They will not be auctioned off on-line.
are ALWAYS very welcome. 
is included with your show registration. 

North American Nationals
Both shows are pending approval; by NAMHSA!  All 1st and 2nd place models, with
exception of fun classes, can be entered in NAN.

Class Order:  TBA in your confirmation packet.

Class Changes: If necessary, classes will be split or cancelled at the discretion of the show holder. Classes will be called by name and number. The order the classes are called will be announced in the confirmation packet along with judging assignments. Please expect to receive your confirmation packet approximately one month prior to the show.

ALL show-related questions should be directed to me, not the judges.  This will insure we all have the same information.


 Information for BOTH shows

Awards/Placings:  Placings and commercial ribbons to 5th.  The 1st and 2nd place horses will be called back after each division with their respective ribbons to determine a Champion and Reserve Champion.  The Champion will be selected from the 1st place horses, then that 2nd place horse from the corresponding class will move up and be judged with the 1st place horses to determine the Reserve Champion.  There is no overall champion in any division.  So you will not need to wait to pack your models.  Once your division is complete, that model is done.  Division CHAMPIONS will win a traditional sized model.  Both champions and reserve will win a commercial rosette.

Class Limits:  Performance (pink NAN cards) limit 2 per class.  Breed halter (green NAN cards) limit 3 per class, EXCEPT China/Resin are UNLIMITED ENTRIES!  Models may show in only one breed class.  No cross-entering.  Collectibility & Workmanship classes (yellow NAN cards) limit 3 per class.  Multiple judging rings will be running simultaneously.  The class order will be announced in your confirmation packet.  All Fun (non-NAN) classes are unlimited entries!  FIVE MINUTE TIME LIMIT WILL BE ENFORCED FOR PERFORMANCE.  If you have cross entry conflicts between performance and halter, you will have to decide which you will show in.  I like to be timely in starting and ending the shows.

Judges:   Judges and their divisions will be announced in your confirmation packet.  Judges may show models in divisions they are not judging.  A judge may not judge his or her own work or a model they have previously owned. 

Cards:  You will need to use 3X5 index cards that contain the class number in the top left corner, the model name-breed-gender in the center of the card, and shower ID number in the bottom right corner.  Please print legibly.  The judges will pick up the cards when the ribbons are distributed.  You may have a string tag on the back leg of your model for identification purposes. 

3 x 5 card exampleÖ
Front of Card   Back of card

Class number 

Model Name
Model Breed

Model Gender


  Your Name


Proxy:  This is if you cannot attend the show and wish for someone else to show your models for you.  I may be able to assist in finding you someone local to do this for you.  Please let me know.  You would then ship your models to that person and they would ship them back to you. 

Tables: Showers will be assigned tables.  Please note on your entry from if you have a seating preference near another individual.  I will do by best to accommodate you.

 Definite Doníts:  The following is not permitted in the show hall-smoking, alcohol, poor sportsmanship.  You will be asked to cease any undesirable activity, or to leave the show without a


OFP-Original Finish Plastic includes but is not limited to: Breyer and Hartland.

Ceramic/OF Resin includes but is not limited to: Breyer Porcelains, Beswick/Royal Doulton, Hagen-Renaker, North Light, Border Fine Arts, Horsing Around, Pour Horse, Enesco, Franklin Mint, Creart, Black Horse Ranch and Animal Artistry chinas.  These are factory mass-produced models of china/ceramic or resin materials with one or more edition(s) of paint colors, and at least 20 items in each color produced. 

Custom: Models that have been changed or altered from their original finish.  Simple and drastic customs go here. 

Artist Resin: Model that is cast in resin and includes original sculptures.

Mini: Pebbles, Chips, Little Bits, Stablemates, Micro Minis. 

Stone Division: ALL original finish Stone Company horses will be shown here.  They may not show in the other divisions unless they have been customized.

Performance: Horses used must be suitable for the task at hand. Only one horse in a performance entry may earn a NAN card if you are showing a team.

 Rules, Rules, and more Rules
  • FC/OOAK/TEST/VERY LTD RUNS can ONLY show in their own division.  They may NOT show in the regular run halter division.  We want even footing for all models to show against the most similar models.
  • Touch-ups are allowed in the OF Plastic and Ceramic divisions if they restore the model to itís original factory finish. 
  • The models will be judged on breed standards, conformation, and condition.  Rarity and Collectability are not part of the judging criteria in the halter classes.  Performance classes will be judged on the horseís suitability for the class, conformation, and correctness of tack, presentation and workmanship.  (See below for more info on Performance classes.)  Dolls are not required.
  • The Harness classes are for all harness entries with or without wagons/carts, etc. 
  • English Classes-Jumper does require jumps and appropriate tack.  English Trail may depict a portion of an arena trail class or an event or obstacle encountered on a trail ride.  Other English is anything that does not go in any of the other English classes.  Hunters may not use protective leg gear.  The jumps would be more natural and lower.  Hunter obstacles are not flagged or numbered, as Jumper obstacles would be.  English Pleasure is for the calmer horses. 
  • Western Classes-Games includes but is not limited to: gymkhana, pole bending, barrels, etc.  Stock Work includes cutting, roping, an appropriate animal if necessary, etc.  Other Western Performance is anything that does not go in any of the other Western classes.  Some examples would be sidesaddle and bareback.  Western Trail is anything encountered on the natural trail or in the arena, such as: mailbox, plastic drag, etc.  Western pleasure is for the low action models. 
  • Native Costume is a model shown in a costume native to itís country or time period.  An example would be a North American Indian Costume, a Paso Fino costume or a Spanish Riding School Lipizzaner costume.  Other costume would be parade, circus, carnival, Hollywood, tuxedo, Halloween, etc.


Class Lists

    1) Click on "Class List" link:    Class List (in Microsoft Excel format)
    Note: The spreadsheet has the classes divided up by show.  Look at the bottom of the spreadsheet to see each class list.  



Registration Form and PayPal Payment Button

Please fill out the registration and then mail to Teresa Candelaria, 8885 W. Thunderbird Road, Apt. 2074, Peoria, AZ  85381

  1) Click on the Registration Form link:   Registration Form (in Microsoft Word format)
  2) Save to your c-drive


To make a payment using PayPal, click on the button below.
To insure full payment is received for your registration if paying by PayPal, please click the "Personal" tab and select other.


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