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Arizona Live
Model Horse Show

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The 20th year for Arizona Live is right around the corner.  You know from past history what fun we always have.  Well this year will be no different.

AZ Live is April 23rd and partnering with Kick AZ Live; Minis 2 the Max! on April 24th.  The shows will be held at Pima Inn & Suites, 7330 N. Pima Rd., Scottsdale, AZ 85258, 480-948-3800.   $69.50 for a room with 2 double beds; $89.50 for a room with 2 queen beds; $109.50 for a one bedroom suite.  

Arizona Live is offering a special award to champions for each division...a model horse in addition to rosettes for champion and reserve.  Placings will be to 5th place.  This year's theme is "A Formal Farewell" and an Easter theme for Kick AZ Live.  

Yes, AZ Live has been around THAT long-it is one of the longest continuous running model horse shows in the United States.  Let's make this a show to remember.  and what does that mean, a formal farewell.  We're going out with a bang, with elegance and decorum-black & white!  No, I will not do AZ Live EVERY year but will bring it back from time to time.  

I am currently tweaking the last bit of my show programs and will let you know when you can visit the website.  There is an extensive china division, workmanship, AR, OF Breyer/other, OF Stone, and Custom, and don't forget the Jaci Championship Etching Class (by invitation).

I am taking offers of interest to judge at this time so I can make my final selection.

Thank you for your support through all these years!

Bidding you a fond adieu!

Teresa Candelaria




Let me introduce myself.  I took on Arizona Live from Renee DeVore back in 1991.  I now plan the longest running model horse show in Arizona!  I moved it to my church fellowship hall, we outgrew that and I moved it to hotel after hotel as we kept needing a bigger room.  I've had collectors come all the way from New York and Germany.  My greatest joy is putting on a fun model horse "party" for everyone to come to.  And each year I try to come up with a different fun theme.  I love being surrounded by all my old and new friends!  I couldn't do this without all the help I've had over the years and sometimes at the last minute.  Thanks for being a part of Arizona Live.  Together we will have a great time!       
Teresa Candelaria  

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