P-Fit Program
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Scrotum Stretch
Testicle Exercise

What will it do:

allow the testicles to hang down from the body
How does it work:
stretching the skin of the scrotum, gently and over time, allows the skin to expand and the testicles to hang down within it
How do I begin:
Lie down flat on your back or stand upright (lying down is better). Part your legs. Massage your scrotum gently until the skin is loose and flexible. Apply a tiny amount of a moisturizing cream to the skin to make it soft and slightly slippery.
What do I do:
Take hold of the skin of one side of your scrotum with the thumb and fingertips of your right hand. BE SURE NOT TO GRASP A TESTICLE AT THE SAME TIME!

Pull the skin gently away from your body, stretching the skin as you go. Pull the skin out and hold it that way for a second.

Switch hands and stretch the skin on the other side. That is one repetition.

Continue this routine, switching hands and gently pulling the skin. Use a "milking" action to gently massage and stretch the skin. Repeat this process for thirty repetitions.

After completing the repetitive portion of this exercise, grasp both sides of the scrotum skin and pull it away from your body. Hold it like this for several seconds.

Begin by doing thirty repetitions. Add another rep or two each day until you build up to sixty repetitions. Do this once or twice a day.
Personal Note:
This is a good exercise to do when you wake up in the morning, before you get out of bed. Be very careful NOT to grab one of your testicles when you do the stretch. You only want to stretch the scrotum skin itself.

I was quite amazed at the difference this exercise made in how my testicles hung down from my body.

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