Dawsons' Creek Shows

These are all the episodes of Dawson's Creek so far that I have been able to make reviews on since I started this page. Dawson's Creek plays on Global Channel 3 on Mondays at 9:00. Old episodes play right after. In the U.S of A it plays on the WB on Wednesdays at 8:00.

Joey and Dawson

Dawson, Jenn, Joey and Pacey in red
A Weekend in the Country: A B&B critic pays a visit to Joey and Bessie and everyone trys to help out.
Aired Originally on Jan.19.00 Rerun on Apr.03.00
Four To Tango: Joey takes some dancing lessons with Pacey, Dawson finds a condom in his room and Jack finds a boy on the internet
Aired Originally on Dec.01.99 Rerun on Mar.27.00
Guess Who's Coming For Dinner: It's Thanksgiving and Jenn has a surprise visitor from her past
Aired Originally on Nov.24.99 Rerun on Mar.20.00
Escape from Witch Island: Dawson, Jen, Joey and Pacey film a movie on Witch Island. Does the Blair Witch ring a bell
Aired originally on Nov.17.99 Rerun on Mar.13.00
Cinderella Story: Joey's heart breaks, Gail gets ready for opening day and Pacey finds a little friend
Aired on Mar.06.00
To Green, with Love: Joey fights to keep Principal Green at Capeside High
Aired on Feb.22.00

Upcoming Episodes

!NEW! Neverland will be airing on Apr.10.00
!NEW!Barefoot at Capefest will be airing on Apr.17.00
Dawson experiences an identity crisis when Nikki Green emerges as another aspiring director.

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