A little about Me
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The Show Off!

That's Me!

Ain't I purdy? This was taken by Don, (my brother) when he and Dad came to visit. I was manager of the stable and the whole family is always horseback. So, it was only natural that we all went riding.

Well, I guess I'll tell a little about myself;
I'm 6 feet tall, 47 years old, divorced since 1990. I have 2 adult daughters, (Fawn and Sedona) and one 15 year old son, (Travis). I'm VERY close to them all! Without family there is no foundation. You have to watch close to catch me in anything but western wear. I'm not thin. I guess I tend toward thick. I have a very bad back, but until I hurt myself I was very active. I still try to stay active but . . . Well, that's enough about that! What hair I have, (I'm bald) is grey and I wear it very short.
I enjoy and use many things to keep my mind busy, cooking, spinning, weaving, knitting, wood carving, leather work, writing, messing with the computer, animal husbandry; (horses, cattle, sheep, goats), reading, watching movies, all things Native American, stone carving, trading raw materials to the Pueblo tribes for finished jewelry and crafts, and much, much more.
I am of mixed heritage, (Scottish, Irish, English, German, African, & Comanche), I look "white" so that's what I say when asked by those who are unpolished enough to ask.
I was born and raised in Arizona, as was my father, as were my children.
I have often thought I would like to live in Alaska because it's getting so crowded here in Arizona. So far I haven't been able to make it, though my brother, Andy and his wife, Dana have visited there. The information they brought back has sharpened my desire to move there. I live near Prescott, Arizona, USA. Please, feel free to e-mail me @ cmfaz@juno.com, or snail mail;
Mike Fields
8185 E. Mountain View
Prescott Valley, AZ, USA

Some Pictures

If you would like to view a larger photo just click on the thumbnail.

Me at My StableStanding   I'm good at standing, but to really understand the depths of my ability you simply must see me sitting! In this photo I'm at the stable north of Prescott, (near Granite Moutain) that I managed at the time. My daughter Fawn took this photo of me as I was TAKING A BREAK! from saddling the morning string for the dudes that were planing to ride that day.

Me Riding in Cave CreekRiding   This photo was taken by a friend when we were on an over night ride about 10 miles north of Cave Creek, Arizona in the desert. We were having a rare wet season and the country was green and beautiful in February!

A closeup of myself.Not Riding   This is a recent photo of me. Everyone's been complaining that they couldn't see my face in all the other photos. This otta teach em!

I'm beside the wagon I builtGetting ready to goThis photo was taken somewhere in New Mexico in 1980 or 81. My daughters, Fawn & Sedona, & my ex-wife and I took a 1400 mile trip from Texas to Arizona in this horse drawn wagon.   

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For more information or just to visit email me atcmfaz@juno.com, call me at 1 (520)775-5812 or snail mail me at Mike Fields, 8185 E. Mountain View, Prescott Valley, Az, 86314.

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