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A day old pygmy goat
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On my domestic animal page I have information about the critters that I own or am interested in. In past lives I have made my living as; a dairyman, cow milker, goat milker, a ranch cowboy, a feedlot cowboy, a dude wrangler, guide, packer, stable manager, stagecoach driver, muleskinner, horse trainer: (I don't like the term "breaking horses" because when I'm done with them they're NOT BROKE, they're trained.), camel handler, Vet's assistant, farmer, shepherd, dog trainer and more. I enjoy working with animals and on this page I tell a little of what I know about them and a lot of what I think about them using words and pictures.

Antelope in my backyard!
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I can't remember a time when I didn't know how to track. My father got me started when I was very young and I continue to learn more about reading sign and the things that make them every day. My wild animal page reflects some of my personal observations about the critters that have crossed my path. When possible, I include photographs and stories that go with them.

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