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Welcome To Catt's Travel Pages

Here you will find book reviews and a wealth of significant and trivial travel tips and topics with an emphasis on the southwest and soon, the Upper Mississippi River valley.

Catt Foy has been a freelance writer since 1981 and currently makes her home in Davenport, Iowa. Catt lived in the Phoenix area for 13 years and still has a deep attachment to the southwest.

Catt has a long list of credentials, which are included in her resume located here. (Catt Foy's Resume)

Catt writes more than just travel pieces and other clips and samples of her work may be viewed here. (Catt Foy's Clips)

In addition to her writing, Catt has other interests, mostly of a mystical or metaphysical nature. You can learn more by browsing her website at Zodiac Enterprises Creative Consulting.

Catt is available for writing/photography assignments in southwestern and central Arizona. For more information write to her at

We hope you enjoy reading Catt's articles below:

The Saguaro: Sentinal of the Sonoran Desert as published on the Travel Base web site.

Arizona: More Than the Grand Canyon as published on the USATourist web site.

The Enigma of Ancient Rock Art as published in An online travel and adventure guide to the American Southwest.

Catt's Corner (humor): Successful Camping

Tonopah Hot Springs

Book Review - Adobe Angels: The Ghosts of Santa Fe and Taos

The Legendary Hassayampa River

White Tanks Display Rare Waterfall

The Arizona Tourism Web Ring

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