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How to get 22,000 hits to your site a day for free...

Webmasters, are you looking for an inexpensive way to increase traffic to your website? How about FREE? If so, you've come to the right place. Join the thousands of webmasters who have participated and gradually watched their site visits SOAR!!

Banner explode members receive as many as 10, 000 visits per day. One webmaster from Arkansas received an average of 15, 000 visits per day to his personal music home page. Another webmaster from South Carolina averaged 22,000 visits per day over a months span to his Free Links Page. A florist in Toronto increased his sales by 200% in 3 months time after joining the Banner Explode System.

The System is very simple, which is why it produces such great results. This is free and open to all sites, personal or commercial. By Displaying a copy of this page on your site and linking to it, in a few months you will have your banner displayed in a minimum of 50, 000 web pages.  


  1. Download this web page to your hard disk, save it to your system as explode.html, and open it with your web-editing software.
  2. See the banners at the bottom of this page? Remove the fifth one, and then add your own banner on top of those. There should still be five banners on the page, only your banner is on top now.
  3. Make sure your banner graphic is located on YOUR SERVER! This is the only graphic that has to be on your server.
  4. Download the following graphic to your server, place it on as many pages as you like, and link it to your explode.html page.
  5. That's It!

What this means:

Many webmasters will visit your site and join the program. When they copy this page and put it on their server, your banner will go with it. Then, webmasters who go to THEIR sites and copy the page will also take your banner with you, and so on. Before you know it, your banner could be on a minimum of 50, 000 sites in a few months!

For example: assume only 15 webmasters visit your site and join banner explode. Let's also assume each of those 15 web pages are also visited by 15 webmasters who join and the cycle continues until your banner cycles through fourth position.

The Result is: 15x15x15x15=50,625. Your Banner is Displayed at 50, 625 sites!

There you have it. It's Free, It's Quick, It requires no committment, It's Easy and it Produces Amazing Results!!

The following are the rotating banners. Copy and paste them exactly into your links page. Then remove the fourth, move the others down and place yours in first. 

Rotating Banners:

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