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Nique Facts&News

What Happened Between Dominique and Her Family? Click HERE for More info.

Dominqiue Places third in the 98 nationals!

Dominique is the 98 Good Will Games Champion!!

Dominique got her license and drives a mercedes!!!

Dominique is now trainind with a lady named Lumanita who recently moved to the US from Romania.

Dominique's autobiography once reached #6 on the Non-fiction best-seller list

When she first started competing, Dominique never did well at competitions because she would see her family in the audience and get really nervous.

When Dominique first came to Bela, he thought Dominique's skills where very sloppy.

Dominique skipped level 9 and 10 and went to elite after level 8.

When Dominique first met Bela, she was intimidated by him.

Dominique used to hate the floor exercise, but now it's her favorite event.

On Dominique's door to her room there is a sign that says: DANGER, KEEP OUT! THIS ROOM IS GUARDED BY A TRAINED ATTACK GYMNAST!

Dominique earned $302,500 at the John Hancock Tour of