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  Margaret Lumley Brown (with an introduction by Gareth Knight and essay by Rebecca Wilby)      
  Both Sides of the Door

A re-issue of a remarkable little novella published in 1918, which Sir Arthur Conan Doyle praised as "a unique experience".

It comprises a fictionalised account of a psychic upheaval the young Margaret went through in 1913 while living in a disturbed house in Bayswater, London, with her sister. A casual experiment with table-turning triggered an intense and terrifying haunting, beginning with odd patches of shadow and light and soon developing into a full blown poltergeist manifestation – household items vanishing and reappearing in odd places, writing appearing on window blinds, and malevolent presences who began to materialise in various disturbing forms. Margaret Lumley Brown went on to become a significant figure in the Western Mysteries revival, and her remarkable mediumship gift was sparked by the experiences described in Both Sides of the Door.

Margaret Lumley Brown (1886-1975) is best known as resident trance medium at the Society of the Inner Light, where she took over the role of arch-pythoness after Dion Fortune's death in 1946. In her youth she published this novella and a book of poetry, both originally under the pen-name of Irene Hay. This re-issue includes an Introduction by Gareth Knight and an essay by Rebecca Wilby explaining the locations and historical background to the story.

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ISBN: 978-1-908011-37-4
Copyright: estate of Margaret Lumley Brown; Gareth Knight; Rebecca Wilby
Language: English
Pages: 112  
Binding: perfect-bound paperback
Interior print: black & white, some illustrations
Dimensions: 13.3cm wide × 20.3cm tall (5.25 x 8 in)

Published July 5th 2011


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