Dragons are Good and Evil
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Dragons are Good and Evil

Some people have brought to my attention that color has only a little bit to do with the dragons kindness or evilness. It really realies on how the dragon is brought up and who teaches him/her what, and what other dragons that the dragon lives with. It also happens to be where the dragon lives, If it lives in a huge area with few people, then it will most likely be brought up as friendly and kind, and not evil as it would with many humans around bickering at each other. The dragons become evil because sometimes they learn this from humans, watching them destroy eachother with no Heart. I am planning to add more to this page about dragons being good and evil, so please e-mail me with your comments, and you could see them up here.

Some people belive that Dragons are either only good or evil. Actually, it is a good mix of both. As you can see from this picture above of the White(good) dragon fighting the Black (evil) dragon, there is an equal amount of both kinds. Depending on youre view of them, they can be seen as either good or bad. In my view, mostly all Dragons are usually quite good. There are, however, a few bad ones in this world that work for horrible wizards. I belive a huge majority of dragons are good, whil a few percent are actually bad.

This Dragon Guards his cave from the approaching Dwarves that are wanting to mine the inside out to get more coal to prepare for the upcoming winter.

This dragon is known as Smaug, who fought many of the men of Dale.

Dragons are almost always protecting their hordes, as I always do with mine. ]B=8) As you can see, Dragons can be either depending on your view of the situation. Most likely, anyways. ]B=8)
So, in the conclusion of discussing this topic, every Dragon I have encountered has been on the good side, except one.

Mostly, Dragons or neither just good or bad, but mostly in the middle. Different colors may represent a Dragons side. Thnk about that. ]B=8)

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