Observations suggesting they are the Mole


Observations Suggesting they aren't the Mole
Attempted to hold the money hostage in the ATM challenge


Didn't pack everybody's things into their bags. 

Didn't follow the directions in the maze game.

Left A pair of socks in the Laundry bag in Laundry challenge.

Wanted to continue the puzzle challenge, even thought Jim informed him not to

Took along time to help the smart team, leaving only seconds to spare

Didn't follow Kate Directions in the fortress challenge

Went to wrong stop in Carriage of Knowledge



Didn't tell accurate instructions during the boat car and helicopter challenge



Puts attention away from herself by accusing Charlie of being the Mole

Doesn't follow directions and cause the group to lose cash

Blames others for her mistakes


Didn't wear 2 casts in dice game.

Disappeared during the find Steve game and overlooked the map in the car.

Gave Afi wrong directions in ATM challenge. 

Went to every city in three routes game, perhaps to wear away the time.

Formed a coaltion with Steven. 

Was at the post where the aggressor got in at the fortress challenge

Had his finger on the right book but said it wasn't it in the carriage of knowledge.



Changed the answers in the reunion game when everyone agreed on them



Single-handedly passed the Dice game

Henry said the Mole is EVERYBODY'S FAVORITE GRANDMA KATE, and he is now eliminated


Looked at the production journal and could of put team at risk of penalization

Refused to shave her head because she claimed she was getting married, but yet has no engagement ring. Weird, eh?

Didn't rush in the Three routes game

Had her safety on so she couldn't shoot in Fortress game and cost the group 60,000


Looked at the handbook to find out who the mole is.


Caused the group to fail Sniper challenge by not responding to Jennifer

Wouldn't pose nude in dice game (I don't blame him!)

Claimed he could hear the Helicopter in the find Steven challenge when they were nowhere near.

Very very slow during the three routes game

Didn't chase the aggressor which was around the corner, which could of prevented him from getting inside the Fortress on the fortress challenge.




In episode 5, Jennifer told her friend she was going to answer Steve on the quiz, and brought all the facts about him with her, so she would ace the test. She was eliminated that episode.



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