Manuel Interview

I had conducted an email interview with Manuel, and here are the questions and answers:

Matthew: How did you first hear about the show?

Manuel: I saw a commercial on ABC that they were looking for contestants for a new reality show called THE MOLE.

Matthew: What was it like to find out you had become a contestant?

Manuel: It was the most exciting feeling in the world to know that I had beaten the odds.

Matthew: What were your first impressions about the other 9 contestants?

Manuel: I was amazed at the variety of personalities that they had picked. The only one I really got to know was Wendi.  We bonded right away..She's the best..

Matthew: What was the most difficult aspect of the show?

Manuel: The constant traveling and very little sleep.

Matthew: Who did you think the Mole was?

Manuel: I first thought it was Charlie when he made Wendi lose us $10,000.  I thought he was trying to throw suspicion on her.

Matthew: What does it feel like to be executed?

Manuel: I was trying to take it like a man but I was devastated.

Matthew: Were you shocked to see the red thumbprint? How did you feel?

Manuel: Very shocked.  I thought Kate was going to be the first to go.

Matthew: If you could change one thing about the whole experience what would it be?

Manuel: I would not lose my focus.  I was so busy having a great time that I wasn't concentrating on the game.

If you have any questions for Manuel send them to
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I will try to conduct a second interview with the best questions.

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