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welcome to

^ellie mae^ dot com
- a donkey's favorite photo site -


we are offering an assortment of photographs, especially photos of
donkeys and mules;
most of them are reproductions from original vintage photos,
chosen from the   Calkins Vintage Photo Collection.
printing info here

ordering information  below!

 complete business overview:

c a l k i n s    v i n t a g e   p h o t o s


    click for print sample          thumbnails (previews of all photos)



we offer these reproductions for sale in any of the sizes below and priced as follows:

4 x 6 inches, with postcard backing
5x7 inches
$ 5.00 
$ 7.50

the photos are printed by a professional custom black&white printer on rc paper.

shipping cost will start at
$1.50 per shipment for up to 8x10 size of photos,
$3.00 per shipment of larger size
priority rate starts at $3.20

our reprints and original photographs cannot be used commercially
or for reproduction in any form.

we will give 25% of all proceeds from the
^ellie mae^ dot com   photo sales
to a donkey rescue of our choice: one of those associated with the
donkey email groups at yahoo or one in WA state

ordering is quite simple:
each photo has an ID number;
please state the amount of photos you want

and the size.

send an email with something like this:
photo  #12  ---  2 @ 8x10
(a short description would eliminate possible confusion)

payments can be made with personal checks,
paypal is preferred


our shipping address will be listed on our response.
WA state residents add 8.5% sales tax

please leave comments, feedback, 
ideas, maybe a  wish list in our 


for all images: larry and sabine calkins
webdesign: sabine calkins 2001


(i do websites)

updated 3/15/2002

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