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Websites developed by SPIDERHAUS are eye-catching, feature "surfer- friendly" navigation, are design-appropriate to the client's image and always carry the SPIDERHAUS guarantee of customer satisfaction and support.

Country Garden Weddings provide a pastoral setting for outdoor weddings in the Parksville-Qualicum area on beautiful Vancouver Island, BC.

Spiderhaus Audio Visual Design not only developed the Country Garden Weddings website but have designed their promotional materials as well.

Here are some TESTIMONIALS Country Garden Weddings have received from prospective clients on the design of their website.


Arachnidiscs are an independent CD-R music label based in Nanaimo, BC who have given local and international artists and outlet for their work since 1999. Their extensive website was developed by Spiderhaus, who  also create all their album artwork and design, promotional materials and handle all their recording needs.



Jacob Neil is a talented singer/songwriter ( amongst other things) whose website Spiderhaus developed.