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Websites developed by SPIDERHAUS are eye-catching, feature "surfer- friendly" navigation, are design-appropriate to the client's image and always carry the SPIDERHAUS guarantee of customer satisfaction and support.


SPIDERHAUS have created dynamic graphics for several successful independent album projects. Visually-striking SPIDERHAUS designs have increased sales and market awareness of artists such as BABEL, AMARILLO STARS, DR. PONG and THE METRICS.


From brochures to posters to T-shirts, SPIDERHAUS have all your promotional needs covered. Promotional materials designed by SPIDERHAUS feature  full design-continuity with your existing, or SPIDERHAUS-designed, website for a cohesive public image.


SPIDERHAUS offers many audio services. CD-R duplication, recording, mastering, remixing, cassette to CD-R transfer, commissioned music and sound-design for presentations and advertisements are just a few examples.