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Cats Past and Not Forgotten
Hobbit's favorite perch in the kitchen.  Sometimes there were two cats up there.

He knows he's not supposed to be on the bookcase.  This is his "I'm too cute to spank" position.  

I made a quilt for my first nephew, turned around to put it in the suitcase and found this staring at me!

A cheesecake shot of Pussfella.

Disciplining Pussfella as a kitten.  This was the only thing that would keep her quiet.  This was my favorite nightclubbing dress:  it was a nightgown!

I love this picture.  it makes it look like our heads are the same size.  This is where Hobbit slept for 12 years.

Pussfella and friend.  This lady used to grab my arm on the street and ask me, "Why are all those people staring at me?"  Underneath all that, she was actually quite beautiful, with soft light brown hair and the face of a little girl.

I'll be right with you, just as soon as I can get the cat to finish peeling these onions for me.

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