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The Party!!!!
This absolutely fabulous cake was made by the master of
cakes, none other than Kathy, Paul's mother!
It was delicous and beautiful! Definitely a $5,000 value of a
cake, but for sooo much less!
The great gang from Gallaudet University who came to join
us for the party!
What a couple of cuties! My brother dancing with my
dear sweet Cynthia.
I'll always be my Daddy's girl...
Hey! Who said we can't Jam!? Don't always have to
hear the music to know how to dance to it!
Grandma's so elated to having a new
It is so cold out here, and we're still waiting to make
our grand enterance...
A happy reunion! An old childhood best friend came for the
celebration, after having not seen her for almost 10 years!
Everyone is looking so bright and cheerful... Forget that its
threatening to rain!
Sharing our joy and thanks !