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Just days before..
In the days prior to the BIG day, there was so much to do in so little
time for both sides of the family. My mother-in-law cooked up a
storm and made the wedding cake, which you will see in the following
pages. My family flew into town, as well as various friends from
college coming to see the "Violet" tie the knot when she had said, four
years before, that she would never get married. I still have the
"contract" that the four of us friends had signed stating that whoever
got married first would be the one to treat the others out to a special
dinner. Lucky me, the one who drew up that contract, ended up being
the one to fulfill it! As you will see in the pages ahead, we certianly
had a great time that weekend!
Dad, watch out! Grandma is not one to mess with!
"What is she doing here?!" Marva cries. Her parents drove in to surprise her.
Hey, hey, hey! Theres my little brother enjoying the company of my three closest friends...
And why not, since he is a good looking guy!