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Morning of the Wedding...
The whole day started with all the ladies in the party got together to go get
our hair done... We were also joined in with a few friends out of town who
wanted to hang out with the party! We had such a good time too. I have no
idea what the boys did during these hours, but I can only guess they slept in.
The first three ladies getting their hair fixed are my
fair bridesmaids!
My hairstyle was inspired by the one
Gwenyth Paltrow wore in the movie,
This fair lady with such thick hair is our Best Woman,
and I have to say she was the best looking one out of
the men, other than my husband... Just kidding guys!
You all looked great too!
Here are a couple of our friends who were with us
that morning.
Here we all are, ready to take the next step...
Get to Church on time!