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Fairy Portraits

My Fairy Portrait process allows you to make all of the choices.

You will choose your clothing, wing style, extras, background and color scheme.
Please keep in mind that, although I guarantee the portrait will look like the subject,
a certain level of license must be given to me as the artist to add my own sense of creativity.
Each portrait is $65.00 and payment is due in two installments; $35.00 to book and $30.00 once portrait
is completed. Please keep in mind that portraits will be done on a first come first serve basis, and if there is a specific
time in which it needs to be completed, you must first send an Email to inquire if the time frame is feasible. I can
do nudes, but ONLY after approval. I do not wish to have un-approved nude photos come through on my Email!!!

Book Now!!!

First Step: Choose your clothing

(more options to come)

Important: Please keep in mind that you must wear

clothing that coincides with your choices.For example:

If you choose a corset and short skirt, then you must

wear no less than a tank top and shorts. This is due to the

simple fact that I can't paint what I can't see.

Second Step: Choose your wings

(more options to come)


(more options to come)

You can choose additional details to

enhance your portrait.

Final Step: Photographs

I will need two photographs:

One of the full pose and another of a close-up of the face

Portrait will be 11X14 with a 16X20 matte

The price is $65.00

Click on pictures below to see examples