I find it difficult to articulate the source of my passion and inspiration. It can be found in a shimmer of light, the form of a beautiful woman, or the veins of a dry brown leaf. It is all around me and has no boundaries.

I feel that there are two divisions of art that can be applied to all mediums, and each of them is to be admired and hold an important value to our humanity and design. Art can be a pure expression, brought about by sorrow, joy, or rage. This kind of art cannot be juried and should never be found in an art contest because itís impossible to say that one personís feelings are better than anotherís. The other type of art is brought about by mastery, study, and practice, and it is what differentiates the work of a master carpenter from a piece of pressboard furniture that can be bought at any liquidation warehouse. There are some who do not consider the latter to be art, but Iím sure that those same people would not spend money for a ticket to hear my two year old son ďexpressĒ himself on a piano and then applaud it as art, although the strength of his expression may very well outweigh that of Bachís.

It is my personal endeavor to interweave these two forms of art and to always portray the beauty of the world around me in my work. I have a passion to replicate the human figure and expression and have an unquenchable thirst to create a world of magic and fantasy. I do believe that it is within this endeavor that I will unlock another piece of my own life mystery and in the end find myself.

Artist's Statement