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Homage To The Artists Who Cut The Path

"The Marriage"

Marc Chagall


A powerful tribute to nuptial bonding. Here an angel breaks through the heavens and permanently glues the pair together. The woman, with a disconcerted stare, looks outward. She has the entire image of a man etched into her cheek. The man looks loving at his new bride and holds her tenderly. In the background, far away, upon a tree branch a fiddler plays a song.

Chagall's Judeo-biblical references and overt modernism granted him exile in Venice.

Poetry/Lyrics by French Poet Paul Eluard. Available on CD by Composer Francis Pulenc:Melodies.

Here is a taste:

The blood grows iridescent/the heart rings/A couple in the first reflection...A face with moonlike lips/That has never slept at night/

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