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Let's Make a Birdhouse

A decorative table decoration.

Now it is time to open our Transmogrifier.

I will try to make this as painless as possible!

A. File Listing

Shows a list of all files located in your sims/downloads directory.

I have chosen Lamps. This is an easy object to clone for our birdhouse.

B. Shows what files are inside the file selected in window A

All of the different lamps inside the lamp file will show here. You will see them listed by type (floor or table) and by value.

We are going to be using the Expensive lamp.

C. Click View Object to see a picture of the object.

D. Clone Object Button.

It is VERY important that if you are planning to distribute your object that you ONLY clone ORIGINAL objects. Original objects are made by Maxis and distributed with your The Sims game.

Now Let's Click Clone and you see this.............

A. Name your object here.

Choose a name for your object file. I suggest something unique. If you plan to distribute your objects on the web you should come up with a code. I use "ccsimcastles" before all of my object file names.

B. Magic Cookie

The Magic Cookie is a special number given by the makers of T-mog to brand your objects. If you do not have a magic cookie type in 0 or click the button that says "Get Magic Cookie" to go apply for a number of your own.

C. Object to Clone Window

As you can see Lamp- Table- Expensive is highlighted.

Click OK and your object is CLONED!

A. Your unique filename is now added to the list.

Don't even think twice about the lamp-table-expensive that we cloned our object from. This new file is the only file we will be working with from now on.

B. Export Object

Go ahead and click this button

A. File Path

This shows where T-Mog put your object file when it was cloned. You don't have to do anything with this. It is just a reference. T-Mog uses a file called sims/downloads/transmogrified. This is where all of your T-Mogged files will be found on your hard drive.

B. Just Change Colors Option

In default this option will always be checked. Since we want to totally transform the lamp into a birdhouse we need to uncheck this option as shown above.

C. One Zoom One Channel

This is the option we are going to pick.

Many object creators disagree at this point. Many suggest that you export ALL Zooms and ALL channels. Hence you would be editing all of them instead of having T-Mog automatically generate them for you. For the purpose of this tutorial, keeping things simple, we will export One Zoom and One Channel. When you are comfortable with this option go ahead and try the other options. I think it best to start out simple and work your way up.

D. Options

You don't have to worry about any of this right now. Just make sure they are all checked.

Click OK

A. Save In

By default, T-Mog will want to save in your sims directory. I dislike that idea and have created a seperate directory to store the files I am working on.

B. Save

Go ahead and click "Save". You will get a screen that will scroll and show all of the files being extracted and saved. Click the ok button.

Back To PaintShop Pro!

At this point you can close T-mog or simply minimize it.