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Danny's Ships in Bottles
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The art of building Ships-in-Bottles began long ago by sailors passing time.

Since that time the art has been done many different ways.  The most common practice is to build the ship outside the bottle.  Using hinges, the sails are erected by pulling a string.

The unique technique that we practice is building the ship completely inside the bottle, piece by piece.

Our method is more difficult than other ship builders.  Every piece goes in individually through the neck of the bottle, and glued in place.  No strings are used, wire is used for the shroud lines.  No glass is cut.  This is what makes our ships so unique.

Our favorite ship is the "Dollar Ship," the sails are actually made from one dollar bills.  George Washington's picture is completely on one of the sails.  This makes this ship one of a kind and a perfect gift for that special person.


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