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Stan Shuttleworth – Photographer


An American wedding photographer shared our passion for longhaired ladies and began to look for models in the 1950s. During the following 30 years he created some of the most beautiful photo collections ever done on this rare topic. He became a legendary photographer who understood as nobody else to catch the fascinating beauty of long hair with the lenses of his camera. Stan Shuttleworth passed away in the 1980s, but he lives on in his unique works.



Mary Tucker, born 1923, became one of Stan’s favorite models. Her luxuriant hair inspired him to many photo topics over more than 30 years. Mary, too, was a client of the famous George Michael hair care salon in New York City and won a prize for the longest hair in America with her incredibly 89 inches (225 cm) mane in the 1981 “National Enquirer” magazine competition.

This rare color shot was taken at her first photo session for Stan in 1953.







Glendeane M. Tadich (Stan's model "A" aka "Ava McKenzie") was another one of Stan’s first models he found when he worked the whole San Bernardino/ California county as a part time wedding photographer. This picture is from his second book “The Modern Styles for Women with Long Hair” which has been printed 1954 in Redlands/ California.








Glendeane again in an early photograph. She became a member of Stan’s Palm Springs “Hair Club” which lasted almost twelve years from the late 1940s to about 1960.

Stan Shuttleworth was born on January 27, 1916. He lived most of his life in Redlands, San  Bernardino County, California.












Glendeane and Mary Tucker  (at the right swing) were close friends for many years. This picture was printed among others in a small, anonymous magazine named “Long Hair Beauties”, which was published by Stan Shuttleworth about 1960. By the way, most of the pictures here are shown as clear as never before due to careful scanning and editing.









Glendeane and Mary again. The red-haired Glendeane liked to do Mary’s long tresses.









Mary Tucker  in another early photo in 1953.









Mary Tucker grew her knee-length hair to more than floor-length over the decades. Her very brown hair was remarkably dense and heavy.









Stan liked to photograph his models outdoors, too, although the lighting was more difficult than indoors.  This is Mary at a mountain lake.









Mary Tucker posed for more than 1800 photos. All of  her photos are marked F (middle initial of her maiden name began with F).









Mary behind a curtain of hair.









Mary Tucker in a series of poses in the Mid-Fifties.









Mary at home.







Members of Stan’s “Hair Club”: Ruth, Liza, Glendeane, Mary, Fran (Stan’s wife), Hanna and Dot. The picture was taken at Redlands University (Redlands/ CA.)






Sylvia Edwards Stan met her somewhere in the States 1958. She was a beautiful, young girl attending with her aunt and Stan convinced her to pose for a photo session. This photo was printed in “Long Hair Beauties”, the private edition of Stan's photos.









Sylvia Edwards in a rare color shot. Her hair was auburn and 48 inches (122 cm) long.











Sylvia’s luxuriant mane was very thick.










Sylvia Edwards.










Sylvia again.









Unknown Beauty, maybe Sylvia again.











Mary Tucker in the countryside.









Mary again on a photo from Stan’s booklet “The Modern Styles for Women with Long Hair”.










Sunlit art.









Mary as a glamour beauty.









Mary posed exclusively for Stan from 1953 to about 1980.












Mary Tucker’s hair draped like a carpet over her body. The masterful arrangement of hair with depth and clarity was always Stan Shuttleworth’s goal.









Mary shows a crazy coiffure.







Mary Tucker about 1960.










Mary Tucker in her wardrobe.










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