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Young twin girls. Stan followed their steps throughout childhood until they both joined a sisterhood at seventeen and cut the hair. Their names began both with H and their mother liked to dress and braid them identically. This great photo displays their style when they were just 13 in 1960.






The Twins H & H at seventeen (1964), just before they became nuns. Their dark-brown hair reached knee-length.











Pam Oliver was a Breck  Co. model from Pasadena/ California. She came down to Redlands to pose for Stan at his own home. Pam had luxuriant red-brown hair to her thighs and he got her to pose in Lady Godiva shootings at a friends ranch.








An Indian model with the initials  “TC”.






“TC” again.










“TC” with her remarkable mane.










Mary Tucker as Tarzan’s Jane in the movie “The Jungle Princess”. Stan was not only a photographer but a movie director too! Of course, his dozens of films were custom-made B-movies in 16mm, but they had their own quality with different plots from the western genre to fantasy and science fiction.








Another model.











Mary as a Greek goddess.












Pam Oliver again.







Pam in a studiopose.









This model with the initial H  had such thick hair it seemed almost impossible to braid it.









Barbara  Levis, a young model from Ontario, Canada.









An unknown model.









A british lady with the initials BA poses for Stan at the warm gleaming of a fire. (Photo color edited and tinted)









Bette Davis eyes…










Carol with a silken mane of straight blonde hair.









Carol combing for the photographer.










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