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Wang Lijuan from China had more than 2,40 meters of hair in the mid-nineties.

 (Photo: Dyqslonghairgroup)




Contestants at the first longest hair competition in Lithuania in 1992. Among the more than 100 participating ladies only eleven made it to the final party. The first places went to women with 1,95 m, 1,69 m and 1,66 m hair-length. ilgiausių plaukų



Lithuanian girl with a great coat of hair. She was among the winners of the contest which was held in Kaunas by fashion magazine IEVA. ilgiausių plaukų








Olga and Monika, two Austrian girls from Gebotskirchen in Upper Austria. They had 1,20 meters long manes about 1990.




Ishrat Jahan (Guinness record in Bangladesh) with almost 1,90 meters long hair in 1994.









Chinese contestants in 1994. Among them is the famous “Miss Dyq”.

(Photo: Dyqslonghairgroup)




One of the winning ladies named He Ping of the same contest 1994.

(Photo: Dyqslonghairgroup)




A great line-up of the contestants.

(Photo: Dyqslonghairgroup)




Chinese record-holder Dai YueQuin (“Miss Dyq”) and her 3 meters+ hair, here featured with her girlfriend Zhang Ping in 2000. She seems to be quite well-known in her home country. If you want to know more about Dyq and other Chinese ladies please visit her own fan club at

(Photo: Dyqslonghairgroup)






Doris Haromy, an Austrian woman from Pinkafeld/ Burgenland, had 1,53 meters long hair in 1994.








Alla Bokareva from Gomel in Belarus. Her hair-length is 165 cm and the longest in her country since 1998.

самая длинная коса








Petra Schlesinger (born 1966), a German woman from Hamburg and winner of a Rapunzel contest 1998, which took place at the old castle of Penzlin (North Eastern Germany). She won the first prize easily with her incredibly thick knee-length braid of 1,34 meters. After that event she grew her hair to more than 1,50 meters and began to feature herself as “Hair goddess” on her own website.














Petra Schlesinger at home in the year 2000, when her mane reached calve-length.










Daina Strupisha (born 1966) is a teacher in Kraslavy (Latvia). The beauty has won the longest hair competition “Latvian Rusalka 1998” and a newspaper contest “Hair 2002”. Her hair is longer than she is tall (168 cm) and measures 177 cm now. дайна струпиша, самые длинные волосы, самая длинная коса







Tatyana Pismennaya: she has the longest hair (219 cm) in Russia since 2001. Even when braided it is 192 cm long. краса длинная коса





Russian contestants at the “Pantene-Kosa” beauty competition in Moscow 2001. The winner was Ekatarina Potrebicz (in the middle of the picture), whose hair is 1,40 meters long.

краса длинная коса, самая длинная коса




Ecih Sukaesih (born 1963) lives in the town of Cirebon (West Java). She has the longest hair in Indonesia. In April 2000 when Ecih received the award by the Indonesian Records Museum MURI, her hair was 240 cm and she broke the previous 220 cm record held by a Balinesse women. Now her hair has been grown to 290 cm. Her sister Marini’s  hair is also considerable long, 150 cm.













Violetta Grabos (born 1970). She lives in Warsaw/ Poland and had the longest hair in her country in summer 2003. Her mane was 240 cm long and even when plaited it reaches 190 cm in a braid. Sad news: on November 18, 2005, she has cut her braid and offered the tress to the Museum of Records in Rabka-Zdroj/ Southern Poland. najdłuższe włosy, najdłuższe warkocz






Galina Tymchak, born 1961, is an Ukrainian Rapunzel from a village in the Lviv area. Her hair is 210 cm long in 2003.

краса длинная коса, галина тымчак, самая длинная коса








Olga Dsheeoyeva, born 1976, lives in Kramatorsk/ Ukraine and has 160 cm long hair.

краса - длинная коса,  самая длинная коса








Alima Ermagambet (born 1968) owns the record for the longest hair in Kazakhstan in 2003. Her silky black hair is as long as she is tall: 162cm. Колан Шаш













Nada Erbenova holds the 2003 record for the longest hair in Czech Republic with a mane of 187 cm (almost 72 inches). The businesswoman considers it to be her best feature. It took 20 years to grow such a mane. She wanted to have long hair since her mother told her that her grandmother had hair down to her feet.

(Photo: Zena a zivot)






Anak Agung Megawati was the winner of the first “Beautiful Longest Hair Contest” of Bali TV in association with MURI (Indonesian Museum of Record), staged at Bali Television Hall in Denpasar/ Indonesia on March 13, 2004. When her name was called as the winner, a dream came true for the beautiful woman who lives in Denpasar on the island of Bali. Megawati (born 1967) always wanted to enter such type of contest – and now won the trophy with her hair of 192 cm (75 inches) although 168 contestants attended the competition.







The ladies with the most beautiful braids gathered at the “Kolan-Sash” contest in Kazakhstan 2004.

колан шаш, краса длинная коса

Photo: Kolan-sash.narod





Gulnar Kadyrbekova (born 1978) from Uralsk has the longest plait in Kazakhstan since 2004. She is just 163cm tall but her hair reaches 195cm in length.

Колан Шаш








In China there are a lot of local and nationwide long hair contests and hair festivals each year. This photo was taken of a lady at the “Feicai Cup” Contest in Beijing in August 2005











Another beauty on the same contest.









Two women on stage at the openair contest in Jilin province (North Eastern China) in September 2005. This event had the biggest number of contestants ever: there were literally hundreds of long haired girls and women there! Photo:


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