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The „KOLAN-SASH ARU 2007“ event of the newspaper „AK bosaga“ in Almaty/ Kazakhstan was not presented as a competition but a great show. 15 long-haired beauties with hair-lengths from 115 centimeters to 220 centimeters did celebrate the country’s fine tradition of woman’s long hair. The newspaper “AK bosaga” is especially interested to keep alive that fashion: Kazahk girls and women are famous of their long braids to the ankles since ancient times.

конкурс Коланшаш ару, самая длинноволосая девушка Казахстана








Lady Grace, a women from Florida/ USA, with 8 ft 3 in (about 250 cm) long hair, travelled to China to join the International Long Hair Festival in April 2007. Lady Grace and Chow (on the photo) both won the second place of the contest (the winner was Feng Wan). Lady Grace and the all-time record-holder Dyq (who doesn’t compete with her 13 ft hair anymore to let the chance to win to other girls) were awarded as "International Long Hair Ambassadors of the World", too.







Svetlana Yarlykova has won a local competition on longest hair at the Christmas Fair in the town of Krasnoyarsk/ Russia in December 2007.










Diana Bychok, here with Inna Beresa, was the winner of a local contest on beautiful hair in the Ukrainian town of Vinnitsa in spring 2010. Her luxuriant hair was the longest on that competition, which was sponsored by haircare company AVON.



Photo: Sergey Khimich