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Placement_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Barrington's On-The-Road Finders Keepers Art


thatartgirl Ready for another Guerilla Art Placement.


thatartgirl takes the primitive mode of transportation...road trips! No silver birds for her, except if absolutely necessary. Everytime she runs away she secretly places LuLu Eccentrix Art at road stops, in parks, on sidewalks, other places too! The paintings are acrylic works on wood done in the Art Brut color-soaked style. They make commentary on the social, political, and religious issues of contemporary living. Some paintings are just for a giggle.

The paintings carry the message that they are Finders Keepers! U find it, U keep it. They also ask for the recipient to contact her for documentation.

These PLACEMENT paintings are Barrington's gift to the Universe.

Next time you travel keep your eyes wide open for a LuLu. One could be Yours. For FREE!!!!! Art Free/Free Art.

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