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Specials Section 

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Specials Section

Updated: August 1,  2002

Special New Big 11" Voodoo Doll

Straw Voodoo Doll

My new straw voodoo doll is much more powerful than any other and is for when you need special extra help. The surest and strongest way to avenge oneself is to use the world-renowned Voodoo dolls. These dolls are not play-things. Each one is carefully selected and then super charged by Madame Zorella. Of course each one comes with a specially treated pin to stick into the doll. These voodoo dolls are from the Voodoo practitioners of Haiti. They are clothed in brightly colored material with gold tone charms.

Name:  Straw Voodoo Doll 
Item Number:  190
Price: $15.00


Seven Knot Love Spell Kit

My new "Seven Knot Love Spell Kit" comes in it's own heart shaped plastic carry case. It comes with red mojo bag, special cord for tying 7 knots, rosebuds, oil, and instructions. 

This item is truly delightful, romantic, and very sensual.  Try it!

Name:  Seven Knot Love Spell Kit 
Item Number:  164
Price: $15.00

Sweet Rocks Daikoku & Oil

The Daikoku  - For Wealth and Happiness

Approximately 2" - 3" high, they bring excellent results. My special aromatic spirit sweet rocks are infused with a subtle aroma to attract the spirits to give you what you want and desire. They are specially made out of a material which is naturally absorbent so that you can also add oils to them and they will absorb the flavor and help to intensify the results. 

Comes with special "I want money" oil. 
(Other oils available upon request.)

Name:  Sweet Rocks Daikoku 
Item Number:  157
Price: $12.00

Madame Zorella has many special  items from around the world.  Many of these items are very special and are not shown in the catalog of this web site.   


Send Madame Zorella your name and address and she will send you her newest catalog.

if you can't wait for the catalog to arrive,  you can order items by  email.  You can also contact Madame Zorella via regular mail. 
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Send Madame Zorella your name and address she will send you her newest catalog.   If you can't wait for the catalog to arrive, you can order items by the email.   Click below for details:

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HOW TO ORDER and CONTACT Madame Zorella

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