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New Orleans/Memphis Music Tour 2001


Rebecca A. Barrington & Company

Join us and Pop Your Cork!

Good-bye Chicago!

We left Chicago in a snowstorm and ended up on the doorstep of Memphis 9 hours later. After gnashing our way through Spanish-mossed Missouri and Arkansas, The Billboard State, we hit Tennessee grabbed a room, showered, dressed and hit Beale Street. The BLUES! R&B (James Colvin, etal)and true blues! Mississippi Morris! Willie from The Palace! Tasty plump barbequed ribs!!!!!! Blues City Cafe! Outta-this-world tamales!!! Reknown barbequed pork shoulder sandwiches.

The next day we headed south on I-57 to The Big Easy. Went through the entire length of piney Mississippi, slipped into bayouville...Louisana. There it was! After tossing through a spaghetti bowl of freeways we landed at Riverwalk and the famous French Quarter. Voodoo, Zydeco, Cajun, Gator Gumbo, Gulf Shrimp,and the best corned beef sandwich! And in the mornings...Sunday Gospel Brunch, beignets, cajun scramble, andouille, French Toast, oysters on the half shell...and top it with another night of music...blues hurrricane please...oh mama.

FYI:Yes I did get lots of beads!!!!!and I didn't have to show anything!!!Thanx to the cool guys!!!

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