Flashing a BIOS

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When flashing a BIOS there is one thing that should be considered. These are how old is the motherboard? If the motherboard is new. The BIOS should be the second from newest. If the motherboard is reasonably old then the newest BIOS can be used.

To find the version of bios you are running you can use 1 of 2 programs on this cd. NSSI the dos based utility or (file name required) Both these can be found in the utility section. To see if there is a newer bios version for your motherboard you can a search on the manufactures web site or try Wimsbios.com Which has a weath of information on bios's.

How to flash the BIOS

First You will need to boot up in DOS. You will also require the download of your new bios unzipped to a diskette. This should also include a BIOS flash utility such as AFLASH.EXE

Turn off your computer and boot off of the floppy with the flash utility and new BIOS revision on it. Type "aflash" (or whatever the name of the flash utility is) at the A:\. The utility will then prompt you to save your current BIOS -- be sure you do this! Follow the instructions until the computer tells you that the BIOS flash was successful. Don't ever turn off the computer during the flash process until you get the success message, or you will end up will a dead motherboard. Exit the BIOS flash utility, remove the floppy disk, and reboot your computer. You should now see the newest revision number at boot up. Enter the setup and check your settings