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DOS boot disk
An indispensable utility to allow a system to boot up in dos. Extract zipped dos boot disk

This is a DOS based utility that can tell you just a great deal about your hardware set up, including what BIOS version you are running.

Partition Manager
A hard drive partition program for construction, removal, and merger of partitions in differnt file formats. Also very handy for quick formats of drives prior to installation of a operating system.

Boot Magic
A very good Boot manager if you are planning on using on having a multiple operating systems.

E-suport BIOS agent
A simple program to find out what BIOS you are running. Simply unzip the self extractor and run. The view the section on How to flash a BIOS that can be found HERE
To find use E-Suport Bios Agent Click HERE

Program files below this point have no more information other than what is stated.

Ad Ware This program removes the nasty spyware that come bundled with alot of free software. Removal of certian files can stop some of these programs that infected the system with the spyware. The best way to find out is remove the files slowly and see what stops working and simply reinstall the program if required. Install Ad Ware

Adobe Acrobat Reader Lets you view and print Adobe Portable Document Format (extension .pdf). Install Adobe Acrobat

Belarc Advisor This is a very clever that builds an detailed indepth view of your installed software and hardware and displays the results in your Web browser Install Belarc Advisor

Reg Cleaner
Cleans any orphaned files left behind. From previous uninstalled programs. Install Reg Cleaner

Startup Control Panel
This little program allows easy control over what programs run when the system starts up. An ideal program for windows 2000 as there is no easy way to control them. It can remove all apart from the creative sound splash. Once the program is installed access to its control can be found in the control panel window. Install Start Control Panel

Start Guard
A program that monitors your StartPage address and prevents it from any unauthorized changes. This program comes in zipped form. It will unzip to a floppy as it is only 800k in size. Unzip start Guard

Text Pad
A shareware text editor that will convert text into dos commands and also java if ran with sun java j2sdk-1_4_0_02-windows-i586.exe. Install Text Pad

A free anti virus program complete with 1 years free virus definitions. Registration is done via e-mail with an unlocking password being sent to you in box. Install Vexria

Wash And Go
WashAndGo can remove *.bak,*.tmp files, zero-byte files and wrong-uninstall entries. It can delete defective links, empty the tmp. directory, erase old browser-cache files, and clean your Start folders. Install Wash And Go

Teveo Video Suite
This program allows people to view your web cam view a web page. Simply install and register. Open the live broadcast then click chat. Copy and paste the url to your friends then they can sit back and watch you make a fool of yourself. Install Teveo

The most widly used zipper and extractor around. Idea for sending a collection of files in 1 go or simply used to reduce the size of certian file types such as word documents. Install Winzip

Winrar is another file zipper, but is far more adapted to handling .rar and .tar files than what winzip is.Install Winrar

A useful ftp client that can be used to download various files from ftp sites. Install Ws_ftple

A good strong, free, easy to set up firewall. This firewall can stop trojans and spyware from connecting to the net. Along with any other program you may wish not to connect to the outside world. Install Zonealarm




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