Tiny Kitty

Photos of Tiny Kitty Collier ™ Doll Masters exclusive "Glamour Girl" Gift Set.

Tiny Kitty

Photo above from Doll Masters website.

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The photos above and below show the Doll Masters Exclusive "Glamour Girl" gift set. This set appeared in the 2003 Doll Masters Holiday Catalog, but the doll was not actually shipped until January 2004. This doll has titian red hair similar to the 2003 "Peaches and Cream" doll. She has red painted toenails and figernails like the 2004 dolls. None of the 2003 dolls came with painted fingernails or toenails. She is dressed in an off-white slip. She comes with two outfits. One is a pink dress with a white fur stole. The other dress has a green bodice and brocade print long skirt.

Tiny Kitty

Tiny Kitty Tiny Kitty

Tiny Kitty

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