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Cavegirl Paints The Walls

Rebecca A. Barrington

Cavegirl, Rebecca A. Barrington, paints her walls. New Paintings!

This project had assistance from Jeff in doing the groovy cavewall backgrounds. (Thanx J, they are perfect!)

In my research I found out that many ancient caves are printed with handprints. Are these the hands of the artists? the tribe? the dead? No one knows. But J and I liked the idea very much so we slathered our hands with paint and gooshed the paintings.

Ancient man used the walls as a diary to record the trials and tribulations of group. Cavegirl documents her wacky life in these seven paintings. Take the Tour!

The Cave Paintings

Cavegirl Dances

Cavegirl Rides

Cavegirl Dog

Cavegirl Hunts

Cavegirl & The Boneheads

Cavegirl Breeds

Cavegirl Creates Fire

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