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The rules are pretty simple:

16 castaways compete to be the last person on the island and winner of $1,000,000.

The 16 are initially put on 2 teams of 8 each. The teams compete against each other in a series of challenges. The losing team must vote one of their members off the island. The winning team does not have to do so and also wins an item to help them survive.

This continues until there are 9 people left on the island. Then the two teams merge and all the contests become individual. After each contest, 2 people will then be voted off the island.

When there are only 2 people left, the last seven people voted off will return to the island to decide between the finalists.

Castaways do not have contact with the outside world. Other than rice and water, no sustenance is provided.

The game is as much about survival of the fittest as survival of the smartest and most diplomatic.

Or maybe it is about who has the biggest knife.

Tune in each week to find out.

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