Everything we do on this course can be illustrated by reference to a building, or a vase painting, or a sculpture. The Art and Architecture module includes sculpture, vase painting, and temple building and Greek sanctuaries.

Scope of the Topic

We look at sculpture that was both free-standing and sculpture that was carved into the building blocks of temples which was known as architectural sculpture. Free-standing sculpture begins around 650 BC and looked like the picture above right. The tourist in the background gives a good idea of the scale of the statue.

This is a kouros type of statue. We trace the development of style, function and subject matter down to the 4th century BC. For the archetectural sculpture we go far and wide: from the Acropolis to Olympia, to Delphi to Aegina and Corcyra.


The vases we look at are mainly Athenian dating from 600 - 400 BC. We study their shapes, uses and decoration. By the finish you will be able to walk in to a museum and give a rough date for any Greek vase or statue. That's the theory, anyhow.

The Examination

You have to answer two questions: one of the two picture questions which have a number of sub questions attached to each and one of the two essay questions.

In the AS year you study you study sculpture, vases, temples and sanctuaries in the archaic period.

In the A2 year study moves to the classical period.