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Blank Note Cards

5 x 7
Featuring the original photography of Eileen Albrizio
Wide variety of flora and still life ~ Many more images available.
Blank inside. Perfect for all occasions.
Unless specified, cards will be randomly sorted. Packets of 5 or more will be guaranteed to have at least three different designs

$ 2.95 ea.
5 for $12
10 for $22

Messy on the Inside

A 90-page, perfect-bound paperback collection of 60 poems, written in formal verse
intersepersed with original photography.
Published in 1998 by Ye Olde Font Shoppe Press.
Click here for example's of Eileen's poetry

Rain - Dark as Water in Winter

a one-act verse play, plus 36 new poems
90 pages, perfect-bound paperback.
Published by Ye Olde Font Shoppe Press.
Click here for example's of Eileen's poetry

On the Edge

a 35 minute recitation of Eileen's poetry on a new CD*
20 poems including Something for Florence and The Kitchen Table
Only $10

Click here for an audio example!

* made possible by the Greater Hartford Arts Council

You must contact Eileen to acquire any items or services listed below.

Fine Art Photography

Affordable prices. (varies per print)
Sizes range from 5 x 7 to poster-size.
Color and black and white.
Find out where Eileen's work will be displayed

The Art of Creating a Successful Poem

a poetry workshop
seating is limited
Here we will learn the foundation of poetry, including the use of form, meter, rhyme, and rhetorical devices. Through hands-on exercises, we will build on this foundation successful "formal" and “free" verse poetry. The poet Priscilla Herrington once said: The form cups the emotion and allows the audience or reader to drink. Without the form, the emotion spills out all over the floor.
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Specializing in on-location portrait and special occasion photography.
Affordable prices.
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