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Go to for a free online database of obituaries. 

That's right, obits.

To see the current site, the one that's actually being updated, go to

If you're looking for free nationwide obituaries, you've definitely come to the right place. If you're looking for the old "Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama Obituaries" site, you're also at the right place. All of the obits that were on that site are still here (with many more having been added), but now all 50 states are represented.

Click on "Obituary Database" (see the tab, above) to get to the obits, and to the search engine.

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IMPORTANT NOTE #2: SCROLL DOWN the page to see content. There are people who apparently don't understand that the ads at the top of the page aren't the actual obituaries. Go figure.

This site is frequently updated.

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The website is rapidly growing.
People were being turned away from the old website because there wasn't enough bandwidth to accommodate the massive influx of visitors the site received every week. More bandwidth has been purchased, along with a new domain name,
This site started with a tiny handful of Arkansas obituaries. Then we added obits from Louisiana and Mississippi. Now we have obituaries from all 50 states. Our goal of taking it nationwide has been reached. New obits are added on a very frequent basis. It is rare for a day to go by without obits being added.

Some states have more obits than others. Some states have a large number of obits, while others don't have as many. It depends upon what obituaries we have available. It's fairly easy for us to get obits from certain states, but a bit more challenging to get them from others. Also, it takes a good deal of time to type up all those obits. Be patient. We're constantly adding new material to the site.